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Eastern-European Immigrant Hope Foundation (EEIHF)
Inspire Hope And Create Positive Change By Connecting People Of Eastern European Heritage.

Administration of EEIHF

Dmitry Efros (Founder)

Corneliu Olaru (Founder)

Oleg Razmerita (Founder & President of EEIHF)

Artur Cerari (Honorable President of EEIHF)

Mission Statement

This Organization was created with the following goals:

  • Connecting people of Eastern European Heritage.
  • Helping those left marginalized at the edges of survival in parts of Eastern European countries such as Moldova, sending aid donated by countrymen settled in the U.S
  • Creating a strong partnership with the international organization Foundation “Mircea Cerari” headed by Artur Cerari, also know as Baron (Leader) of Moldova’s Roma Community
  • Creating partnerships with other NGOs in countries of the former Soviet Union who share the mission statement of our Foundation
  • Uniting the Romani people of America
  • Breaking still existing stereotypes about the Romani people all over the world
  • Collaborating with any other organization here in the U.S. to promote a better life for marginalized people living in Moldova, Ukraine & Russia
  • Organizing cultural events in the U.S. with the our Foundation’s participation and support.

Eastern European Roma Population


Roma in Extreme Poverty


Roma Diaspora of the U.S.


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